---About Me---

Jacky D.

Hey, my name is Jacky Dang. I'm born and raise in Canada but my ethnicity is chinese. My main passion is watching/playing sports, going to concerts and the internet. My dream job is to be a content creator. I speak 4 languages fluently, I like to go out to have fun and I would say I'm pretty socialble. Even tho I don't look like I talk a lot, I do, you just got to get to know me xD.

I love soccer. It is my favorite sport to play and to watch. I've been playing soccer for pretty much my whole life. I would love one day to visit all the famous teams and stadiums in Europe.
I want to be a content creator. It is my dream job and I aspire one day to be famous. I want to vlog and entertain people while having fun and making money.
I love to travel. Travelling is a fun hobby I like but honestly, I havent been doing it as often I want to.