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HOS.1.1 Manage tasks and deadlines

For my first capiskill competency, I chose HOS.1.1 : Manage tasks and deadlines. I chose this competency because I was in the last few weeks of my first semester where I had a lot projects due all in the same 2 weeks. I felt like this one could help me prepare and manage well my time to do all my assignements.

My level

I think I am on the level 10 because I use a task management system to keep track of my tasks and due dates with a notepad application on my phone. I use this app to plan my weeks and days to know exactly what I need to do everyday and when are my deadlines. I almost always submit my work on time. I never miss a big assignement or submit it late. I also always ask my friends, familly or teachers before submitting a work. I like to get good grades so I like to have others opinion of my work before I submit it. What I need to work on is to finish all of my most important assignements 24h before they are due. I would say that even thought I always submit on time, sometimes it is couple of hours before they are due or even in the hour before it is due. I think over time in the semester I started completing them couple of hours before and now sometimes I even finish couple days early to help me find more time with my other assignements.


My evidences are my teachers. Most of them knows I always submit my assignemengts or projects on time and they also know I would ask them a lot for their opinion and what I can/should do to improve my project/assignemen. But If we were to look in the assignement and what time I submitted my stuff, we would see most of them are in the the 24h before due so this is what I should work on for next semester. I think my self evaluation is valid. Also, after I am done with my assignemnts, I erased them in my Notepad so I do not have proof but that app helped me a lot along the semester to help me remeber stuff not only school related. It is a pretty basic app but like I said, very easy to use, very useful and it is on my phone so I can check whenever I want easily.

Comments on Capiskills

I think Capiskills is interresting, I would certainly look over some to know what I can improve and learn what I am missing to succed in a competency. I am not sure I have an idea to improve it. Maybe make a cool website? Unless there is already one. And also add rewards to motivate students to use Capiskills.